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Discussion Guide: Birth Control & Rheumatic Disease

Use this two-page printable guide to personalize the conversation about contraception. 

Discussion Guide: Inflammatory Arthritis & Pregnancy

Use this one-page printable guide to personalize pregnancy planning and management for women with arthritis.

ReproRheum Purpose

The purpose of ReproRheum is improving reproductive health outcomes for patients with rheumatic diseases by providing accurate, guideline-aligned information, and discussion guides to help providers and patient communicate effectively.

Who We Are

This website was created by Rheumatologists at Duke University. 

Key Points


All women with rheumatic disease can use effective contraception. Effective birth control is especially critical depending on the level of disease activity and the use of some anti-rheumatic medications.


Using pregnancy-compatible medications are important prior to, during, and after pregnancy


With careful planning and pro-active care most women with rheumatic disease can have a successful pregnancy

Discussion Guides

These Discussion Guides were created to assist providers in talking openly and accurately with your patients about pregnancy planning and prevention. 

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